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About Us

Located near Oklahoma City, Executive Rug Cleaning of Tulsa is a premier company that specializes in rug cleaning and restoring hand-made textiles throughout its two decades of rug cleaning experience. We are a certified member of the renowned Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS). Being part of this organization, we had the chance to study the art and science of rug care.


  • Effective Method of Rug Cleaning

Executive Rug Cleaning of Tulsa has a wide range of cleaning methods that include hand washing, automatic washing, dry cleaning, centrifugal systems and cold water—all of which are thoroughly done in the cleaning process.

  • Trained Staff

We never stop learning! Although our rug cleaners are well-trained in this craft, they still keep on attending important conferences and trainings to further enhance their knowledge in the new trends of rug care. Combining their skills with technology, the result is the most reliable, safest rug restoration service you could ever ask for.

  • Safe Solutions

We also make sure that in spite of our advanced and efficient technology, the integrity of the entire rug must be preserved. For this reason, we only use safe and eco-friendly solutions for all your rugs.

  •  Absolute Rug Restoration and Repair

With us, your rug gets cleaned and repaired as well. Our repair process includes fringing, surging and dye correction.

  • State-of-the-art Equipment

As we have invested $100,000 in time saving equipment, you will be able to enjoy your clean rug in no time. This equipment has allowed us to be even more dynamic and productive in this business.

Our rug experts understand that rugs are not just meant for beautification, but more importantly, it is a significant family heirloom that has been passed through generations. Its sentimental worth is priceless so we know that you need a specialist to do the job for you. If you have fine textiles like Indian, Chinese, Persian and Turkish rugs or you have designer or custom rugs that need cleaning, repair and restoration, get in touch with us.

We are open from Monday to Friday at 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Don’t Settle for DIY Oriental Rug Cleaning

Motherhood is a noble profession. Moms may not receive payment from employers, but they work 24/7 especially if their children are sick. Their hands are full and no longer capable of doing some menial work such as Oriental rug cleaning.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal

Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal for Rugs

Do you know that animals like to play with squeaky, noisy toys. But plastic toys can possibly hurt their gums, so a rubber duck may be favorable to them. Along with their excitement while playing, just be ready for possible muddle.

Rug Color Loss Process

Rug Color Loss Process

Effective Rug Color Loss Process

Rugs, at around 7000 B.C., were initially used in the old times as protection from the cold and harsh weather or as shield of animals from predators. Today, those rugs are treated more as aesthetic pieces and are used in decorating the floors

Rug Cleaning Process

Dusting Process

1st Step : Dusting

Dusting process is the preliminary step of the cleaning method for experienced rug care companies like us. Through using compressed air, we take away all the surface dust and debris.............

Washing Process

2nd Step : Washing

The washing process begins after dusting. Others do it using a machine, but we prefer doing it by hand. This is to handle the rugs with utmost care and prevent causing any damage, such.........

Soft Water Rinse

3rd Step : Soft Water Rinse

Rinsing is the third step of the cleaning process, in which the rug is thoroughly cleaned to restore the rug’s natural and vivid colors. The soft water rinse process is being implemented to

Drying Process

4th Step : Drying

Drying process is the next segment of rug cleaning in our company. We understand that a rug is not considered clean if it is not completely dry. A damp rug could be an easy dust and dirt magnet

Fringe Cleaning

5th Step : Fringe Cleaning

Fringe cleaning process is the final part of rug cleaning. Dependable rug care companies like us pay attention to detail and this means that the fringe is no exception. After cleaning, it is.........


  • “I’ve never really liked the fringe that came with my rug, but I just adapted to it. While having my rug cleaned at Executive Rug Cleaning, he mentioned he did fringe removal or replacement. I love the changes Rodney made to my rug and am very pleased to know that I have a place to go when I am in need of rug cleaning or repair.”

    Tonya Hennessey, OK
  • “Our old dog’s favorite spot to lay was right in front of the fireplace on our lovely area rug. Unfortunately, our dog has since passed, but his mark remains on the rug. We decided to have it freshened up and took it to Executive Rug Cleaning. That is a place with fast, friendly service! I would recommend it to everyone. The results were outstanding.”

    Wayne Perry, OK

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