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Dry Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs function as decorative ornaments in the room and at the same time could also make walking more comfortable. However, one of the problems encountered by rug owners is the amount of dirt that these rugs tend to accumulate in just a short while. This is where the importance of rug cleaning comes in. While many companies perform dry rug cleaning, our Executive Rug Cleaning Tulsa experts stick to the proven and effective techniques by utilizing water along the process.

We apply our extensive methods of dusting, washing, soft water rinsing, drying and fringe cleaning techniques.

Why Is Dry Cleaning Not Enough? Here are some common problems that need to be addressed :

Embedded Stains and Spills

Spills and stains resulting from substances like coffee, ink, gum, juices, candle wax or crayons etc. are very difficult to remove. Spot and discoloration due to bleach are serious problems too where simple dry cleaning won’t be enough. The common solution to this dilemma is by re-dyeing or patching it. If the stain becomes stubborn overtime, it requires the time tested techniques of a professional rug restoration and area rug cleaning expert in order to eradicate it.

Burn Marks

As a result of cigarette butts, ashes, candles, embers from fireplaces and clothing irons among others, the rug can get severely damaged due to burn marks. These inflected burn marks destroy the fabric and the natural beauty of the rug. In order to restore them, it is important that the skills of a professional rug expert are hired. Considering the fact that damages due to burns are severe, the rug can still be repaired and no amount of dry rug cleaning techniques can rescue it.

Another thing, the steps of dry cleaning may sound easy especially when you search for DIY solutions from YouTube, but always keep in mind that you will be working with chemical solvents for this and it is not good for your rug.

So if you want to enjoy your rugs in pristine condition, with no harsh chemicals along the process, contact us for a free quote!

Our Washing Process

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