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Drying Process

Drying Process

Drying process is the next segment of rug cleaning in our company. We understand that a rug is not considered clean if it is not completely dry. A damp rug could be an easy dust and dirt magnet – as it can accumulate dirt in a short time.

Dusting Process

Dusting process is the preliminary step of the cleaning method for experienced rug care companies like us. Through using compressed air, we take away all the surface dust and debris. This step facilitates reduction of the amount of debris left in the rug, leaving a less muddy mixture of water and cleaning agent during the washing step. As a result, washing becomes more efficient.

Dusting makes it certain that only little amount of debris needs to be removed from the rug’s base and fibers. Moreover, having a reduced volume of dust and dirt facilitates better and more efficient cleaning.

Meanwhile, certain elements are hard to get rid of, such as stains and materials that cause odor. By doing this process, fibers receive frictional force, thus facilitating loosening of stains from the fibers. Even though the dusting process cannot get rid all of the dirt, it helps remove them from the fibers. At this point, the rug is now prepared for washing.

Why Dusting is Vital

Dusting rugs is perceived as a significant step because it get rids of the dirt, including the microbes that are entrenched inside the rug before it goes on to the washing stage. In addition, the dusting process is completed to prevent accumulation of residue, which is the combination of dust, debris, and soapy water. Apparently, the buildup of deposits will result to problems such as brittleness and foul odor. Professionals like us utilize compressed air so as to eliminate all types of particles found inside the rug. Compressed air is considerably efficient as it eradicates particles from the innermost part of the rug.

Rugs, aside from being purposeful, also possess a sentimental value in the lives of their owners. Therefore, they should not just be thrown when they get dirty or torn. Rug experts like us will definitely search all probabilities just to prolong the lifespan of your rugs, making the dusting process essential.

Rug Cleaning Process

Fringe Cleaning Process

 Fringe Cleaning Process

Fringe cleaning process is the final part of rug cleaning. Dependable rug care companies like us pay attention to detail and this means that the fringe is no exception. After cleaning, it is thoroughly combed, thus beauty..............

Washing Process

Washing Process

The washing process begins after dusting. Others do it using a machine, but we prefer doing it by hand. This is to handle the rugs with utmost care and prevent causing any damage, such.........

Soft Water Rinse Process

Soft Water Rinse Process

Rinsing is the third step of the cleaning process, in which the rug is thoroughly cleaned to restore the rug’s natural and vivid colors. The soft water rinse process is being implemented to 



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