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Dusting Process

Dusting Process

Dusting process is the preliminary step of the cleaning method for experienced rug care companies like us. Through using compressed air, we take away all the surface dust and debris. 

Fringe Cleaning Process

Fringe cleaning process is the final part of rug cleaning. Dependable rug care companies like us pay attention to detail and this means that the fringe is no exception. After cleaning, it is thoroughly combed, thus bringing back the fringe’s real color and beauty. You get a rug that is clean in every angle.

We know that many Oriental rug owners complain about their fringes. In fact, rug fringes are very hard to preserve since they easily wear out. As a result, many rug owners became impatient in taking care of the fringes. Some people just cut them off. This is usually not a good thing to do for these fringes are essential to the rug. On the other hand, wise owners entrusted their rugs to us.

Maintaining the rug’s fringes is very tedious and challenging. Fringes can easily get dirty, their colors fade fast, and they fall off the more you try to clean them. Later on, your rug will become severely damaged that you cannot maintain it any further.

Don’t put yourselves into further trouble and let us take care of your rugs, as we do the fringe cleaning process with excellence. In case your rug’s fringes are damaged, we offer to have them replaced. This is to make sure that you no longer have to worry about uneven length, torn or ripped edges, or unraveling.

The fringe cleaning process or fringe detailing is done in our facility. We have in-house master weavers who can fix any damages your rugs may have. They are highly trained and experienced technicians who are equipped with all the materials and tools needed in order to restore the rug that you used to have and know. Our master weavers are our pride for we are very certain that they are capable of making the damage unseen after your rug has been restored. We are confident to say that we can give your rug the cleaning treatment it deserves. With our tried and tested cleaning method in our facility, your rug and its fringes will look bright, clean, soft and new again.

Rug Cleaning Process

Soft Water Rinse Process

 Soft Water Rinse Process

Rinsing is the third step of the cleaning process, in which the rug is thoroughly cleaned to restore the rug’s natural and vivid colors. The soft water rinse process is being implemented to ensure that  ..............

Drying Process

Drying Process

Drying process is the next segment of rug cleaning in our company. We understand that a rug is not considered clean if it is not completely dry. A damp rug could be an easy dust and dirt magnet ........

Washing Process

Washing Process

The washing process begins after dusting. Others do it using a machine, but we prefer doing it by hand. This is to handle the rugs with utmost care and prevent causing any damage, such as loosening the rug fibers.



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