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Odor- Causing Checklist from Rug Cleaning Brookhaven Park

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Dry Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs function as decorative ornaments in the room and at the same time could also make walking more comfortable. However, one of the problems encountered by rug owners is the amount of dirt that these rugs tend to accumulate in just a short while. This is where the importance of rug cleaning comes in. While many companies perform dry rug cleaning, our Executive Rug Cleaning Tulsa experts stick to the proven and effective techniques by utilizing water along the process.

Odor- Causing Checklist from Rug Cleaning Brookhaven Park 

As Rug Cleaning Brookhaven Park experts, allow us to share some possible causes of smelling rugs and recommendations on cleaning them at home:

Residues from Careless Eaters

For individuals who do not have domestic pets but still have filthy floor pieces, they may be encountering a serious problem. Those teeny-weeny bits of rice or crackers, not to mention spilled milk or juices will eventually reek the rug.

No wonder why many owners never put rugs in their kitchens due to clutter. Even though the mess cannot be prevented, at the very least, they need to address the dilemma by cleaning the rug right away.


The constant smell of smoke that sticks to your clothes is the same smell that sticks to your rug. So when it’s not cleaned, the air within a room will become stifling, and occasionally nauseating. Other than not permitting people smoke inside your rug area, you should also try to provide the proper cleaning service in order to eliminate the smoke odor completely.

Animal Clutters and Smell

All owners know the consequence of keeping a pet at home. In the event that you were not adept in training your pet, better roll your rug first before your feisty feline pee, poop or vomit into it. If cannot be prevented, or it inevitably happens, the best solution is to wash the rug.

Antique, Old Rugs

If not well-maintained, old rugs will surely smell like rotting clothes. Yes, it follows that the fibers are disintegrating and rotting.

Mold and Mildew

Experts know that molds are the most difficult to address. It happens when the floor piece gets wet and not dried out promptly. Apparently, mildew and mold seep into the deepest layer of the floor piece and spread there. If not dealt with immediately, it would create more problems.

With all these issues, Rug Cleaning Brookhaven Park experts can surely help.

Rug Cleaning Process

Fringe Cleaning Process

 Fringe Cleaning Process

Fringe cleaning process is the final part of rug cleaning. Dependable rug care companies like us pay attention to detail and this means that the fringe is no exception. After cleaning, it is thoroughly combed, thus beauty..............

Washing Process

Washing Process

The washing process begins after dusting. Others do it using a machine, but we prefer doing it by hand. This is to handle the rugs with utmost care and prevent causing any damage, such.........

Soft Water Rinse Process

Soft Water Rinse Process

Rinsing is the third step of the cleaning process, in which the rug is thoroughly cleaned to restore the rug’s natural and vivid colors. The soft water rinse process is being implemented to


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