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Rug Padding

The Positive Features of Rug Padding

Oriental rugs are not just beautiful floor ornaments as these can also provide comfort. Grab the several advantages of rug padding as we reveal them in this article.

For one, floor padding of good quality acts as a shock absorber that can lessen fatigue when walking on the rug. Without the pad, the floor is left bare and those who are walking on its hard surface can feel uncomfortable especially on prolonged periods.

A padded floor on the other hand can keep your heel from hitting the floor directly. This helps women who love to wear high-heeled shoes more often.

Padding also helps in minimizing noise and thus making the room quieter. Compared to a bare floor or even those with mere rugs, floors with padded rugs tend to have significantly lower levels of noise. The padding reduces the contact of footfalls against the hard surface of the floor, thus making the sounds less audible.

What’s more, vacuum cleaner becomes more effective in padded rugs because in order for this portable machine to work, it utilizes air circulation. So padding helps make vacuuming easier and much more efficient by improving the air flow through the rug. Therefore, when a rug is vacuumed regularly, the life of the rug is actually extended.

This is definitely helpful in terms of keeping owners from unnecessary rug repair expenses. Perhaps the greatest benefit one can get from rug pad is its protective feature. It shields the back portion or the bottom of the rug, therefore protecting it from friction and in the long run it extends the life of the floor ornament. Aside from the benefits that were already mentioned, rug pads also serve as good insulators; the ones made of excellent materials and of good quality help in preventing heat loss.

You can surely benefit from the above mentioned advantages of rug padding. In case you need assistance or if you have further inquiries regarding rug pads, feel free to browse our website.

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