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Drying Process

Drying Process

Drying process is the next segment of rug cleaning in our company. We understand that a rug is not considered clean if it is not completely dry. A damp rug could be an easy dust and dirt magnet – as it can accumulate dirt in a short time.

Washing Process

The washing process begins after dusting. Others do it using a machine, but we prefer doing it by hand. This is to handle the rugs with utmost care and prevent causing any damage, such as loosening the rug fibers. We utilize a special type of cleaning agent, which is specifically formulated to bring back the color and meticulously clean your rug at the same time.

Among the existing rug cleaning companies, we are one of the few that render this washing method. While almost other rug cleaning companies make use of washers, we still wash rugs with the use of our hands as we perceive it as the safest as well as the gentlest means of rug cleaning. We give greater attention to spots and stains, giving you back a 100% clean rug.

We prefer rug hand washing than other cleaning methods. The following are the advantages of the traditional washing method:

  • It is efficient

Cleaning is more detailed since every square inch is scrubbed. Machine washers just clean up the rugs but these are not capable of examining whether the rugs were thoroughly cleaned or not. There could be a possibility that some areas of the rug may still be filthy. What’s more, washing machines can be potentially damaging to the rug fibers due to their mechanical cleaning cycles together with the detergents being used.

  • Meticulous Cleaning is Attained

Similar to rug makers in some countries like Iran, having noble reasons to do so, we utilize our hands to wash rugs, with human hands performing the washing method, all parts of the rug will receive equal attention while the areas with stain get more concentration so that the rug will be thoroughly cleaned. The end result is a rug that is cleaner in every angle.

  • It is gentle on the rug.

Rug hand washing Tulsa techniques are performed with utmost care. We are familiar that rugs are made of subtle fibers so we apply our boundless care.

Rug Cleaning Process

Fringe Cleaning Process

 Fringe Cleaning Process

Fringe cleaning process is the final part of rug cleaning. Dependable rug care companies like us pay attention to detail and this means that the fringe is no exception. After cleaning, it is thoroughly combed, thus beauty..............

Dusting Process

Dusting Process

Dusting process is the preliminary step of the cleaning method for experienced rug care companies like us. Through using compressed air, we take away all the surface dust and debris..........

Soft Water Rinse Process

Soft Water Rinse Process

Rinsing is the third step of the cleaning process, in which the rug is thoroughly cleaned to restore the rug’s natural and vivid colors. The soft water rinse process is being implemented to 



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